Harvard aia

Loving God, Loving People, Loving Sports

About Us

Who we are

Athletes in Action (aia) is a community of Christian athletes at Harvard College.  We are the sister organization of Christian Impact and affiliated with Cru. As our motto states, we love sports and we love God.

What we believe

We believe there is one, triune God who has revealed Himself to humanity through the Bible.  Jesus of Nazareth is God’s only begotten Son and thus both fully God and fully human and His death and subsequent resurrection served as propitiation for the sins of all people, past, present, and future.  Our full statement of faith is available here.

What we aim for

Our vision is that every student on Harvard’s campus would know someone who loves and follows Jesus.  In this, we are dedicated to encouraging students in their faith, providing spiritual guidance and support, and creating a vibrant community of Christian athletes.

What we do

We believe the most successful way to turn our vision into a reality is through discipleship which takes place primarily through what we call LifeGroups: small groups of students who meet each week to study the Bible and share their lives with each other.  We also hold FUEL meetings every Wednesday at 8pm where we have worship and a short message.  FUEL is designed to be a time of refreshment and community to give students a chance to “refuel” spiritually mid-week.

How you can be involved

Probably the best way to get connected with aia to go to one of our weekly FUEL meetings.  Also, join our facebook group for continuous updates on FUEL times and locations.  If you are interested in checking out a LifeGroup or learning more about them, check out our LifeGroups page.  Finally, if you are interested in joining the aia student leadership team please contact Ricky or Victoria.

Also, if you are not a Christian you are still more than welcome to attend any of our events. In fact, we very much hope you would.